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Business Skills
What is mentorship and how to do it well
Mentorship can be defined as a relationship between a more experienced individual and a less experienced individual in which the former provides guidance, support, and advice to the latter. The…
Performance Review
Human Resources
3 Reasons Why a Performance Review Should be a Two-Way-Communication Conversation
Performance reviews can sometimes fall into the trap of being a one-way communication conversation in which your manager is telling you areas you can improve. However, setting your performance review…
Leadership Styles
Leadership & Management
5 Leadership Skills and Qualities for the Future
In today’s modern business world, we’re seeing the rise of many leaders. Employees have the varied experience and confidence to step up into leadership roles, and more than ever, we’re…
Transitioning to Leadership
Leadership & Management
Transitioning from Team Member to Team Leader – the Do’s and Dont’s
Transitioning from a team member to a team leader is an exciting process. With new roles and responsibilities, you have the opportunity to create and inspire change in the business…