Traineeships & Apprenticeships to give your workforce the skills to succeed.

By combining on-the-job training with course study provides employees with the skills to do the job and hands-on experience to put their learnings into practice.

The Change Network offer a range of qualifications that can be undertaken in the form of a traineeships so your people can learn the theory of business, leadership or safe working whilst still gaining the practical hard skills they need to carry out their jobs.

All of this is available under the NSW government’s traineeship program which gives businesses fee-free* access to training.

Fee-Free* Traineeships

Fully funded by the NSW Government* this provides a great opportunity to upskill your team. Get in touch with our team today to find out if you and your team meet the requirements for traineeships.

*eligibility criteria apply

*Eligibility Criteria

Fee-free* traineeships are available to NSW trainees – including school-based trainees whose training:

  1. > Is funded under the NSW Government’s Smart and Skilled Program
  2. > commenced on or after 1 January 2020.

If you’ve previously commenced your Smart and Skilled traineeship training before 1 January 2020 and are returning to a traineeship after 1 January 2020, you will be eligible for fee-free* for the remainder of your training if your traineeship course or your employer has changed.

Each student is limited to a maximum of commencing three fee-free* traineeships under this initiative.

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